Saturday, 15 September 2007

Bond vs Leahy

The top boys of Tesco and Asda have gone head to head to go green. Sir Terry Leahy in one corner the chief exec. of the biggest supermarket in the UK said a brining a; "revolution in green consumption; "would hit his customers pockets.

Andy Bond in the other corner stating that Asda's prices will fall as the company goes green. "The environment is absolutely fundamental, but we think it will actually save money. "

Deathofthehighstreet forecasted a price war just days ago and this new green war is developing as Asda have lowered around 10,000 prices since the turn of the year to spark a price war with Tesco.

In the Bond vs Leahy Deathofthehighstreet Bond's views are a just to gain points against Leahy will it work? Will he get his customers? Not likely.

Sainsbury could be the winners of this handbags row as Justin King - the other boss - sits and watches as his company actually seem to be doing the most. Deathofthehighstreet took a look around one Sainsbury's store to find;

- 33% recycled carrier bags

- Make a difference days - free reusable bags, replaced for free. (when the bags are sold all money gets to charity)
- Deathofthehighstreet sees the most locally produced products.

A fair effort form the company now will Asda and Tesco come through on their promises.

The green WAR will continue but the price war is just about here as well.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Price WAR

A supermarket price war may be on its way. A supplier from Asda reported earlier this week that they have negotiated a 10% to 12% price rise for its produces but Asda are not increasing the prices of this product, hitting there profits hard.

The company plans to absorb the heavy increase in food costs, estimated suggest cost could rise a huge 30%. This is all good news for our suppliers but the consumer could see a massive increase in prices after a price war if Tesco and Sainsbury’s enter this arena.

Deathofthehighstreet sees that suppliers and producer are getting a fair deal which is very pleasing but if smaller stores have to pay increased prices for their goods then prices will rise if supermarket ensue a price war this could be the next phase in the decline of our high streets. Deathofthehighstreet will watch this develop over the coming days and weeks.

A fair deal?

Sainsbury’s is to give its milk farmers their fourth pay increase of the year. The company is acknowledging that the farmers have received a bad deal in the past. They will receive an extra 1.5p a litre.

The move was in response to Tesco’s move to pay producers an extra 5.5p a litre two days ago.

Deathofthehighstreet is pleased that the two big supermarket chains are now giving some of the hardest hit produccers a fairer deal.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

ASDA sell you out of date food

Asda have been fines £80,000 after two outlets in south Wales were found to be selling out-of-date food. Magistrates in Abergavenny fined Asda £78,750 and ordered it to pay £10,000 costs after it admitted 59 offences. Asda said staff have since been disciplined and teams retrained.

Trading standards officers found a pack of lamb chops that was 31 days past its use-by date, being sold in its Cwmbran store.

They also found food past its use-by-date on sale at the Duffryn store near Newport.

Torfaen Council said that of the other 58 items of food that should not have been on sale:
- 38 were one day past their use-by date
- 17 were two to five days past their use-by date
- 3 items were seven days past.

Asda said, "We're obviously disappointed that at a local level two stores did not properly implement our very thorough date code checking system. Although the products highlighted only represent 0.1% of all the products on sale in those stores, they should have been spotted and taken off sale".

Sainsburys want to deliver until 1am!

A SUPERMARKET'S proposal to extend its delivery times until 1am were opposed last night by councillors.
Sainsbury's in Bath Road, Melksham had argued that the move was necessary to ensure it had fresh food on the shelves when it opened at 7am.

But Melksham town councillors rejected the application which would have allowed deliveries until 1am between Monday and Saturday for a six-month trial period.

Cllr Vic Oakman said: "The condition was put there in the first place to avoid movement of lorries after 11pm at night time to give peace and quiet to the people who live there."

An opening of a new Sainsbury’s in Dursley will mean motorist will have to queue for 20 minutes as traffic congestion will increae hugely. Local residents are angered.

Vicky Hancock, town centre manager said: "The original plans for the supermarket car park kept the access as it is now - which we knew local people wouldn't like.”

"We were concerned that it would put customers off using the store if they were worried about having difficulties getting out of the car park. Some people felt very strongly about this issue, after having to wait in the car park for up to 20 minutes at peak times."